Exporting to Bangladesh: Market Outlook and Opportunities for US Business

Exporting to Bangladesh: Market Outlook and Opportunities for US Business

Seamless GlobalUS-Bangladesh Business CouncilInternational Trade Administration, and LightCastle Partners jointly hosted a webinar titled, “Exporting to Bangladesh: Market Outlook and Opportunities for US Business” on 20th April, Wednesday at 9:00 pm. The webinar focused on trade and investment opportunities for US enterprises in Bangladesh. 

Zahedul Amin, Co-founder & Director at LightCastle Partners joined the webinar as a keynote speaker.

We have published the keynote presentation deck here for your convenience. We genuinely hope you enjoy reading and deliberating on this slide deck and ardently look forward to your input.

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Key Highlights from the Webinar

In the keynote presentation, it was highlighted that Bangladesh has demonstrated remarkable economic growth despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, surpassing India’s GDP per capita in 2020. This trend is predicted to continue until 2025, solidifying Bangladesh’s position as a leading economy in the region. 

A significant factor contributing to this success is the country’s young population, which currently stands at 177 million people. Furthermore, Bangladesh is witnessing the rapid emergence of a middle and affluent class, expected to exceed 30 million individuals by 2025.

Bangladesh has also established strong geopolitical ties with major nations, including India, Japan, Australia, and China. Notably, the country’s trade balance with the United States has witnessed a positive growth trajectory, with an increase from 4.5 billion USD in 2020 to 5.9 billion USD in 2021. Such international relationships and trade partnerships have further fueled Bangladesh’s economic progress.

The government has taken proactive steps to facilitate foreign investment and business establishment in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) offers a streamlined and comprehensive service for setting up business entities within the country. 

Moreover, the economic zones in Bangladesh provide attractive incentives, including residency visas for a minimum investment of USD 75,000 and citizenship for a substantial investment of USD 1 million. These measures highlight the government’s commitment to fostering a conducive business environment and attracting foreign capital.

The presentation also covered steps for setting up business entities in Bangladesh, especially Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures. Followed by that was a rough logistics map of Bangladesh and a few Regional and Preferential Trade Agreements (RTAs, PTAs) that Bangladesh is involved with.

Investors are encouraged to explore key sectors with immense potential for growth in Bangladesh. The Ready Made Garments (RMG) sectorpharmaceuticalsIT exports, and agricultural commodities stand out as promising investment opportunities. With the increasing global demand for quality garments, Bangladesh’s established expertise and competitive advantage in this field make it a prime sector for investment. 

All in all, the keynote presentation highlighted the nation’s resilient economic growth, surpassing India’s GDP per capita and demonstrating a strong trajectory of progress. With a young and growing population, robust geopolitical ties, investor-friendly policies, and promising sectors for investment, Bangladesh presents an attractive landscape for individuals and businesses seeking new opportunities in a thriving economy.

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You can also enjoy watching and listening to the recorded version of the webinar on our YouTube channel.

Note: This report was originally published on the LightCastle Partners website.

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