HSBC Highlights Bangladesh’s Investment Prospects to the US Private Sector

The facilitation between HSBC and its role in raking in investment is well poised

In a program titled ‘US-Bangladesh Business Forum: Building on 50 years of friendship’ to accommodate the US-Bangladesh Business Council, talks about the bilateral relationship between the two countries were discussed, along with the potential of diversified investment to encourage the strong ties between the two nations. The program was attended by the US Ambassador to Bangladesh along with C-suite executives from HSBC and Chevron. The platform served as a medium to talk about Bangladesh’s steady growth and how the country’s transition has opened the way for an extensive investment opportunity on various fronts, specifically through domestic demand, growing services and industries, and steady investment in digitization.

The United States is one of the largest investors in Bangladesh. In a statement by the Ambassador, the presence of the business delegation was a symbol of the keenness of US private investors. He stated that Bangladesh’s LDC graduation was a cornerstone, and the facilitation between HSBC and its role in raking in investment is well poised. Bangladesh has entered the radar with its ability to survive and flourish through difficult times. This has caught the attention of many international investors, and the US is unlike any other.


Source: The Business Standard

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