Foreign Ministry Statement Highlights Norwegian Interest in Investments for Offshore Renewable Energy

Visit by the Norwegian foreign minister

In a recent visit by the Norwegian foreign minister, in April 2022, discussions about diversifying the economic partnership between the two countries were in session at a meeting with the Bangladeshi counterpart. Areas of interest included trade, investment, and maritime sector cooperation, but a key area of focus from the Norwegian side was the investment in offshore renewable energy. Bangladesh displayed its current portfolio in the renewable energy segment by referring to the case of green production facilities in the RMG sector, showing the willingness and gradual adaptation to renewable sources of energy.

The session discussed current affairs, especially between the Ukraine-Russia war and Hong Kong Convention. Bangladesh was applauded for its hospitality in the humanitarian crisis regarding the displacements of Rohingyas. A possible way forward has been discussed to conclude the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries. Another notable discussion involved the investment in sectors that would help Bangladesh’s sustainable growth and pave the way for stronger relations between the two countries.


Source: The Daily Star

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