Daraz to Extend Foothold Through BDT 1000 Crore Investment in Next 3-4 Years


Daraz has been a pioneer in the e-commerce industry and in 7 years the company has transformed into the leading e-commerce platform with its share of over 7 million customers, 50,000 sellers, and numerous partners and stakeholders. 

During the 8th Anniversary ceremony of Daraz, CEO and founder Bjarke Mikkelsen announced the vision of Daraz for the upcoming years where a lump sum investment is expected by the company. Bangladesh’s rising MAC population and internet penetration has created prospective for a higher consumer segment that is more proactive in the e-commerce segment, the gist of the statement is to capitalize on this rising consumer base and create a strong platform that caters to the demand that comes with it.

Source: The Business Standard

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