Bangladesh to Receive U$500 Mn from World Bank for Power Supply Modernization

power supply

The World Bank is all set to sign a U$500 Mn loan to Bangladesh for advancing the rural electricity distribution of Dhaka and Mymensingh. The agreement will be signed once the approval comes from the Planning Commission. About 40 million people will receive improved electricity distribution services through this partnership. Officials from the Economic Relations Division (ERD) stated that the World Bank would be disbursing the loan from the scale-up facility fund. 

According to Rural Electricity Board (REB) authorities, several new and innovative technologies will be incorporated to help modernize the electrical distribution and transformation system. Despite the fact that the REB has previously provided electricity to nearly all of the village areas, much of the distribution system is still in bad condition. As a result, improvements with contemporary facilities are required to ensure the uninterrupted supply of power to clients.

The project will construct a contemporary grid system capable of supporting the two-way flow of electricity and information, as well as minimizing and fast recovering from climate and cyber threats, such as natural disasters and extreme weather events. According to REB sources, it will implement cutting-edge technology including Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System and Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

Source: The Financial Express

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